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What happened

Currently this isn’t formatted for the iPhone X. Everything at the top disappears when you are on the Daily Bonus screen.

Great game.

Keeps me on the edge of my seat with the thought of winning or losing.

Game gets better with updates

Played this game for a while, it’s almost addicting. There are still some quirks to it that can be fixed. Like, having more than 5 questions each game, stopping and clearing out in the middle so it you not stuck in a game you don’t want to finish. I mean come on we are not playing for real money anyway.

More tournaments would be nice

More tournaments would be nice. Less expensive tokens would encourage you to buy more. You frequently don’t even get enough to purchase a game.

I love Jeopardy...

...but what’s with all of the Bible related categories. At least 2 in every level every time I play. Too much bible, too much Shakespeare.


A little repetitive with some of the questions. But that just means I already know the answer. Works for me

Win less than cost to play

It seems that I always win less money than what I have to pay to play. Also, there is a limit on the number of adds I can watch to earn money.



A Challenging Game

The game is mentally challenging, and I have learned a lot. The only thing that really annoys me is that there is an over abundance of sports questions. There is almost always a sports category and sometimes two in every round. I would much prefer more variety of categories which would bring a better balance to the game. Even when it doesn’t appear to be a sports category, there is often a sports question. There are nowhere near the number of sports questions in the TV game😀. It would be nice if there were more than just 3 categories in each round too. Why not make it more comparable to the real game?

Enough with the Bible!

I like the game but there are too many questions related with the US and now too many about the Bible! Make it more interesting and broad! For example with each city you should have a category related to that city or the country where it is located.


I love this game. It challenges the cognitive part of my brain on a daily bases.


I’m very unhappy that they changed VIP 3 tier to 0 hrs added in the bank. That drastically changes my opinion towards the game and makes me want to delete it.

Fun game but some downsides

Love playing the game but it would be nice if you would win the amount to cover the match if you get the top score.


I love to play the game, but they must have recently changed the vip status. I was able to collect 640,000 before it would stop and now it’s back down to 320,000. I think that once you have reached a certain level in the vip it shouldn’t be taken away. All your doing is trying to get us to buy more and if this is how it’s going to work it’s not worth my time.

Ok, could be better

The categories are odd. Why do Canada, Australia, and Hollywood related categories come up so frequently? Also, the point system is odd and confusing, it should just be like the show. Furthermore, it’s ridiculous that you can win a game and come out with less money than it cost to play. It’s clearly a scheme to get us to spend money on playing. When combined with the super odd categories and the entry fees to play with the manipulative waiting periods and similar gimmicks, it really makes the game much less enjoyable than it could be. It’s unfortunately just another example of a game developer trying to develop addiction to exploit the small number of people that will be unable to control themselves and spend big just to keep playing. It would be far more honest and far more enjoyable for the majority if it was made without the addiction creating and nickel and diming gimmicks and simply made a good game that’s like the tv show. They could still make it profitable by making a limited free version and selling a more extensive version for $5.

can’t win money enough to progress

I like the game but if you don’t want to buy your way through it, it’s very slow-progressing. If you win a round you should be able to win more than you “spent” playing it. If i spend 40,000 playing and lose that 40,000 it will be days before i play again. Seven if i win the game, i’m no better off than when i started. This is flawed, i believe. Otherwise, fun trivia game.

Cash is bad

This game is fun, i love the trivia, but i will never advance past sydney because i never have the cash. The only way to get enough cash to play at higher levels is keep reopening the app all day, not to play it, but to tap the bank. The other cash rewards are not enough to up you to the next location. You can only win as much money as you put into it??? How does that even make sense. You always lose cash no matter what you do..... lame Also if youre pairing me against a computer you should let me know and not act like its a real person

What on earth happened with the money?!

Cairo is suddenly $320,000? But the bank didn’t increase equally? I had enough in the bank to play a dozen games, but now only have enough to play three. What a rip off!

Lotsa bots

Pretty sure it’s all bots. I’ve asked around 3 times what the bot to unique user ratio is and never got a response.


Love this game! Trust your intuition!

What did you do to money!?!?!

Why did you change the money amounts. If you want people to play this game you need to make it more accessible. Plus the free cash was not increased proportionately to your other increases. Plus to play Paris versus Cairo is double the money as opposed to just 5k more before.

Great but annoying

Love the game. Just hate how you have to pay for everything

It’s a challenge!

I thought I was a trivia buff, but this game often throws me a curve! It certainly keeps the brain free of cobwebs!

Ryan’s Jeopardy Review

Ryan, i love it, but, most of the time you play you don’t get your money back!


A lot of fun with some tough questions!!!:)

Eh. Prepare to PAY

The questions are good. It’s hard to win against their bots, it would be so much more fun with real people. I don’t like how even after winning a game you don’t even earn enough to play again. There are many reviews with the same issues, but the only response I’ve seen is a very redundant form response. I actually bought some bars for this game, but even fifteen dollars doesn’t go far. After getting most questions right the other “player” would pull a crazy win. Totally rigged. No more cash from me (I have no issue with paying for good entertaining games but this feels fraudulent). I also think if a player wins they should get at least the equivalent of what it cost to play. FINAL comment- too many weird challenges and slow moving incentives (gems, challenge points, sunglasses, now some sort of wreath?). I have no clue why I’d try to earn these things. It’s an ok game but I’ll be deleting it soon


Been playing the game for a few weeks now. I dislike the lack of categories. Shakespeare, Russian, Biblical, and Canadian something always seem to be a category. The other issue I have is when you win you don’t win enough to cover the entry fee. Other than that great game and hope changes come to improve the minor issues

Don’t buy, just play

I played the game all winter and started to buy the gold bars so I could advance- and I did. In the spring they had a game called “Rock and Roll” something that, for me at least, was very easy. One evening I won 11 million “Jeopardy” dollars and suddenly the app shut down. When I returned that win was not added to my bank. I took screenshots and documented it (mind you, I had spent actual cash to play this game) and sent the information to the support center. They told me they could not account for every player- that there were too many. I pointed out that I had spent money on the game and that not rewarding a win amounted to actual theft. They then sent an automated message asking if the matter had been resolved. I said yes because they clearly had no interest in figuring it out and I continue to play occasionally without paying for anything more because it’s a good mind excercise and diversion. Don’t authorize a credit card ever- even if you love it. Just play

A couple things

I love Jeopardy and this game is quick with lots of interesting supplements. But to things: I’ve run across numerous words that are not spelled correctly (crazy for Jeopardy where Smart’s are valued) and there are absolutely too many sports questions.

Fun but hard

Big jeopardy fan. This game seems more difficult than the show, or maybe I get better categories on TV haha either way it is fun!


Lacks a mix of subjects, constantly same regurgitated topics game after game :-(

Pointless to Play

I love the show Jeopardy but this game goes out of its way to make players fail. Part of playing games is losing but this game will purposely not let you win large amounts of money or gold bars. If you are winning a game it will use constant point doublers to give to opponents to ensure that you won’t win. It’s a Double Point helper but why does it seem to always double the opponents entire score rather than double the answer to the opponents question? This is no way to treat people who want to play a game. All you want is to make people spend their own money while rigging the game so they lose anyway. Also why on the spinning bonus part of it that you have to wait 24hours for do I only ever win 6.5k or 32k. This is absolutely ridiculous, don’t you want people to have a fair shot at winning a game you created seemingly FOR people? This is greed and this game is lame af.


The money thing is really not good at all

Would be good except...

The players are not real, why pretend? Weird scoring. If you get second place you don’t win any money? Terrible. Terrible final questions too. Science is wrong. Just bad.

Impossible to get ahead

No need to figure how points are converted to money; you can’t win more than you play. The bonuses are hardly worth collecting, the “special events” pay next to nothing when you win and the bank no longer accumulates; you can only collect your set amount 4 hours from your last collection. And apparently the bank doesn’t get past 20K.

I like it

Thumbs up

Love it!!!

This game is quite addictive!! It allows all the random knowledge I have to be put to good use 😂


Love this game even though I struggle to answer some of the questions. Keeps my mind sharp.

Too many clicks

Please reduce the repetitive clicks to accomplish one task.

Big fan

Just like the TV show I record and play! Love it!


I really enjoy this game, and I find that it’s a great springboard to lifelong learning! Often, I find myself on google to find topics that have captured my interest! The only thing that annoys me at times is that you can sometimes answer every question correctly, but still not have the highest score? That doesn’t make sense... Also, many categories are repeated frequently. However, the game is entertaining and educational! Thanks! I wrote the above a few weeks ago. I love this game, but I’m becoming increasingly frustrated because I’m often losing to another player while getting all of the answers right; the other player’s score is ridiculously inflated! Also, if my score is slightly lower than an opponent and I place a maximum bet and get final jeopardy correct, an opponent NEVER loses final jeopardy and must have max bet.... and I lose by a small amount! Not so happy that this keeps occurring, and I may not play as often anymore...


Love it /hate it. While I truly love the game I must take exception that the computer players always catch the daily double at the end of the double jeopardy round to knock me out. I literally played 20 games before winning. Doesn’t seem fair


Really fun and challenging game.

Great app love it!

Fun for the whole family.

Events aren’t all there cracked up to be.

Why have events if before they’re over you run out of event questions. The last two events I have played the event categories disappear leaving the general game categories. I would not pay as much cash for something I am unsure of winning. This needs to be fixed.


I play every day! Wonderful game :)

Love it

Great game. Good job making it so close to the show. Very entertaining

No incentive to keep playing

I like the trivia part of this game but there are many facets of the game that make me lose interest. First, you need cash to play and you’re only given a small amount to start. If you don’t buy gold bars with real money, you have to wait several hours at a time for free cash. Secondly, if you win a game, you only get back the amount that you paid to play. There’s no incentive to keep playing. It seems like it’s a ploy to get you hooked on the game then you have to spend real money if you want to keep playing. I might be more willing to spend money for power ups and such if it were easier to keep playing without having to wait for cash. And finally, there are no tutorials for the game to explain how to use power ups, earn stars, etc. I’ve played this for a few weeks but waiting hours and hours to collect enough free cash to keep playing has made me lose interest.

Forced to use a power up

There was a question in the heading “mi casa es is casa” and the game popped up to “try” the 2x power up. I didn’t know the answer and didn’t want to waste it on that question, but it wouldn’t let me exit out. I had no choice but to select the power up, got the question wrong, and was out double the points and couldn’t use it on a question that I did know the answer to. Of course there’s no one to contact or complain to, so I have to leave a bad review instead. Got 2 stars because the game is still fun, but they cheat.

User beware—not what it seems

Purports to put you against other live players, but that’s made up. The developers will lie and say that’s not true, but I guarantee it. They’re not actual players...The game might be using actual players profiles, but when you’re playing, you are only playing against the game itself, not human players. So, the better you do, the more likely it is that your opponents will get answers are right, “coincidentally” hit daily doubles at very opportune times, and answer all questions right. So by the time you get a final Jeopardy, you don’t have enough points to be able to unseat the points leader. Occasionally it will allow a second place standing in final Jeopardy to jump a first place standing, but not if you consistently answer all questions right. Basically, the model is to get you to spend money. Of course. But not really on the up-and-up. If you want to achieve higher levels the ONLY way is to buy cash/gold. They clearly have done extensive user activity analysis to determine what outcomes lead to people buying cash or gold to continue playing the game. If you are one of those obstinate ones like me who only want to use the free version, then they’ll lock you out of being able to achieve higher levels (like Paris and higher) by making you finish in second or third place every time even if you answer all questions correctly. So, user beware, you’ll just be manipulated into buying up.

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