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Love it

I feel like I am gt smarter n I have gotten 1st place


I Love this game Makes my mind think

Love Jeopardy but...

Way, WAY too many sports categories. They are constant. It makes this game seem biased to sport fans. Not cool.

I love this games

This game is fun and very time consuming and I enjoy playing it should not cost so much to play a round

Good Game too expensive

Everything costs too much for you to enjoy any actual free to play time. Wait all day to earn enough money to get one free game to play.


A lot of good fun!

They’ve ruined it...

This is supposed to be a game of knowledge and skill. But by allowing players to buy Power Ups, which give them the opportunity to correct wrong answers and even double their scores, the developers of the game have made it possible to essentially “buy” wins. It defeats the whole purpose. I know the developers need to make money, but isn’t that what all the ads are for?

It’s great

It’s great

Great Game!

It’s a game changer!

Just like the real thing

I’ve always loved Jeopardy and this feels like the real thing. Really enjoying the app so far!!!


I’ve been playing for a long time and enjoying every time. I’ve learned so much from the game

Ads are buggy

Fun game and I don’t mind the ads generally but there are a couple that pop up regularly that are impossible to exit - even after watching the full ad and clicking on the X to close it. Clicking the X does absolutely nothing and the ad does not automatically close so my only choice is to close and reopen the app. That’s just ridiculous.

Linda Lou

Love testing my trivia knowledge!!

Giving Jeopardy a bad name.

It would be really great if I could register as a user independent of facebook. It would be really great if I could just play the game. It would be really great if it wasn’t unnecessarily overly complicated. It would be really great if I didn’t have to play with actual people and could simply test my trivia knowledge. In short: -Overly complicated -Not good if you want to test your trivia knowledge -Don’t want to advertise either for this app or for facebook

Horrible Game!!

Unless you spend hundreds of dollars to keep buying gold to keep playing you will never win anything. Every other player is always ahead even when you answer every question correct and will always get a daily double at the end and the questions on the higher dollar categories are so hard that you have to guess and hope you get it right when you are in the lead. The categories that you get are always going to be the ones you play the worst at. Keep trying to give this game a chance but it never changes. Takes all the fun out of it. So much for hoping the game would improve. Don't waste your money or time with this garbage game!!

Not the same

I hate this. This is just an attempt to make more money by using “freemium” tactics. Can’t play unless you have “cash” which you only get from winning hands..that you have to use your “cash” for. Or by buying it. Power ups make the game very lopsided. I have lost games in which I answered every question correctly just because another player rolled three “point values x2” when I didn’t. Please bring back a version of the real, classic jeopardy that’s on tv and not this

You cheated me!!

I just achieved my second star in Rome and you did not give it to me. This is the second time you have cheated me out of a major point. I worked hard for that star and it really ticks me off that you cheated me out of my STAR!!!!!!

Great app but....

too much time to answer questions encourages Googling. I know because I do it to keep up with all of the people that are doing the same thing. Cut the time by half and eliminate the “extra time” feature. Give extra points for questions answered under one or two seconds. Update: Support is useless. They don’t understand one’s questions. The replies are automated. Look at the replies...all the same BS. Very impressive money-making machine though. Got to give them credit. Laughing all the way to the bank. I wish I had the same moxie. Update number three: I dare you guys to respond to this review with something other than a canned answer. Dare you. You can’t do it because it doesn’t fit your business model. Update number four: I thought so. Absolutely unable to respond without a canned answer. Update number five: These guys are quite ingenious. They have figured out how to jigger the game so as to maximize their revenue. I am very impressed. I have gone from disliking them to having respect for their talents. I now wish them well, and hope they reach new heights in raking in the dough.

You will learn a lot

Although sometimes it seems that my opponents are earning impossible points, I still love this app. I am learning so many things while enjoying the competition! Overall, I highly recommend Jeopardy. Please stop the new pop-ups that offer the chance to answer again for coins!! They block the board so I cannot see what the correct answer was. Please address this.

Don’t bother with this game

The people behind this game are unfair, and greedy! So I recommend just walk away, don’t get hooked like I have. They are constantly changing the game, and it’s mostly for the worst, or to work to their advantage! The latest change is that when it comes time to reveal the correct, and incorrect response, they have now programmed it so that it rushes, and switches out of that page leaving you unable to see what the correct answer is. Of course the rush is also to take you to their ads, which I don’t mind so much, but unfortunately many times the ads run 14 to 29 second in between the game or at the end without allowing you to silence some loud music/ noise, or you’re stuck with a ridiculous cereal commercial in which you can’t turn off the sound, and if you try to turn away, and close the game, no matter what length of time you’re gone, even 30 mins later, it will pick up where you left off, in other words you are stuck hearing a silly Kellogg commercial over & over again if you choose to play. I actually stopped playing for about a week it got so annoying. And if you should have problems like in my case I came in first place on the brain trust game, but got cheated and rewarded 2nd place instead of 1st, that has now happened to me twice. I have sent messages, but each, and every message has been ignored. Another new change is, you can now buy correct replies/ and even game wins, but at a very high cost of 150 gold bars for each question, that is per question, not per game! So this game now just gets you to pay up, and at a high cost if you don’t know the correct answers but want to win! I get very frustrated when the game is over, but then I’m not allow to see the correct reply! They need to end that poor, silly practice, or lose players because of it.

This game is amazing

Amazing game

Money grubbing game

Uses every potentially addictive technique to keep you playing and to temp you to spend money, that will not last. How about a fair game where you pay a set price up front? I’m surprised that Jeopardy and Alex Trabeck puts their brand on this kind of nonsense.


Fun and addictive

Winning is based mostly on luck

While the game feels a lot like Jeopardy and is fun, 9 out of 10 times the winner is based purely on luck. If you don’t get the Daily Double in the second round (the Double Jeopardy round) or get it too early, you will lose even if you’ve played a perfect game. With only 5 questions per round, this makes whoever gets the Daily Double at the right time in the second round the automatic winner. This really stinks in the tournaments where there are only around 100 questions total, so that by the time you get to mid-competitive levels, winning and losing is based completely on luck, since everyone is going to play a perfect game. Increasing the number of playable questions per round or placing a timer on the rounds so that the board can be cleared if the players are quick enough might help mitigate this. Unfortunately, until they do, this is less a game of knowledge and strategy and more a game of chance.

Clever LA

I enjoy playing the game. Keeps me sharp.


As a die hard Jeopardy fan, this app is so much fun! It feels very much like the snow! Several categories, daily doubles, and knowledge facts are enhanced into this game! There are also wonderful stages that you can unlock as you advance your knowledge in each level as it does take a lot of experience and practice. Love Jeopardy!!

love it

So addictive...(!)

Love this, but I do not at all like the second chance in double or final jeopardy.

It is antithetical to the game itself. Also Alex‘s comments at the end of any given around are not necessarily fitting. For example, if you miss one question or are behind he’ll tell you it was a tough round. And there are way too many commercials.


Game is too buggy. Please fix. I clicked about 10 times on the right answer and nothing happened. Clicked a different answer and of course it accepts that.

Love the 80s

Especially in the game

Pure P2W

From the same Canadian Ministry Of Mobile gaming the brought us the Terrance and Phillip freemium fiasco comes this pay-to-win racket. Really an insult to anyone’s intelligence, they forbid you from winning games unless you pony-up your credit card.


I really enjoy the game, but can’t figure out why there are so many categories and questions about Australia? I’m a regular watcher of the TV version of Jeopardy!, so we all know there are plenty of categories from which to choose.


Love this game, I won't be deleting this app ever !!!! Patrice.W

Great game

Pretty good game overall, played so much I finally get repeat questions but still super fun to play!


This game is super fun to play with your girlfriend and cat. And also when you’re just chilling. The multiple choice makes it more competitive

Love the game

I truly love this game. I do have a problem with the recent updates. I realize this is an app and that someone somewhere needs to make money from it. With that being said, it seems as though this game is geared towards people who can afford to pay for the “helpers”. Why should someone who has paid money be able to beat someone who doesn’t have the money to spend on a game that is knowledge based? Double points, points protectors, double guesses. On my spins I usually get the timer. To get something more beneficial costs gold bars which cost money. Just seems unfair.

Dorothy mink

Great game I am 80 and love the challenge I get by playingJeopardy watch practically all jeopardy on television. So I was so glad this game is on my Izpad

An excellent way to pass the time of day

This is not an easy game to play! It’s questions are pretty hard and The clock can be very hard to beat!!!

Logging on

I can’t log onto the game to create a Facebook linked account....until then 3 stars.

End of the game

I wish the correct answer didn’t flash so quickly at the end when the wrong answer is chosen.

Not fun

Terrible. This game is not fun, so predictable. The other players always get a double points score for the last question of the second round and they always get 2400 points. No fun. There’s no chance to win.

Win but still lose money

This game makes no sense. You pay 5k to play but if you win first place you don’t even win the amount you paid to play. 👍🏻 no thanks. Deleted

Greedy + Commercials Blew Speaker

I've tried to hang in there bc I'm pretty good at Jeopardy but I deleted this app for good today! Not only do I never earn gold bars - despite my winning regularly but the commercials BLAST on in between every single phase and today was the straw that broke the camel's back! My soundbar may never be the same - thanks greedy Sony owned Jeopardy!!

Test of sports knowledge

There are too many sports questions in this game. There are definitely more categories out there to have than sports.

Fun game

Jeopardy is fun and challenging. Several things bother me— the gem collection means nothing to me and I could never accumulate enough to mean anything. I would appreciate having more ways of earning gold bars. Lastly I HATE the new feature of being able to buy your way out of a wrong answer. That just feels like cheating.


My husband and I both love this game! But...I wish you were rewarded something for 2nd and 3rd place

For sports fans only

For weeks now it seems the categories are dominated by sports. Great if you’re a fan but isn’t there more to life? Seriously, of the six categories in two levels I’ve been getting sports categories in four and often in the final jeopardy question too. Also, if you think you’re competing against real people, think again. I thought this would be fun and competitive. It’s not.

Faster and better

Love how fast it moves now. I used to be frustrated by how slow the startup to the game was. Bravo!! Love playing this

Not real jeopardy

It’s a strange game, I shouldn’t go in with more money than I came out with if I won. They just want you to spend actual $

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