Jeopardy! World Tour App Reviews

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Jeopardy the game

This game stinks. Nothing about it is really good. They don’t give you “money” just points.

Like it

Only played one game but like it

Great fun

My wife and I love this game.

Missed the mark

This would be a wonderful game if it gave you more opportunity to play. He keeps a very limited unless you purchase add-ons and that is frustrating🤦🏻‍♀️


If your a trivia buff

Fun game.

I really love to play this Gabe it’s s great time waister.

Great game!

Keeps me entertained for hours!



I love the game but...

I really love playing the game but they changed the format on how you can win gold bars. And it’s super hard now. I have spent some money on this game but will not til they give more for the amount they are asking. they charge so much for gold bars that you can lose very quickly. The more levels you play the harder it is to play free. Four hours is a long time to wait for free coins. Lowe Ethel prices Jeopardy. People will spend if you are fair.



Jeopardy Peggy says yes

Having fun playing, I like the fact that the games finds other players quickly. Not exactly happy with having to pay to play.


Jeopardy is my favorite TV program. This game is fun to play. On my first try, I was able to answer all the questions. I found the questions rather easy. I would have liked it better if there were more than six questions.

Canada home

Too many challenging Canadian questions.

Love it!

Challenging and fun!


This game keeps freezing at the final jeopardy question. It takes my money freezes up then I have to shut down the program.


Love this game for what it is. The only problem is the amount of “cash” you have and the amount to play is quite unbalanced therefore you cannot keep playing. I feel they just want you to spend money on their app. Kinda dumb.

It’s fine

It’s fine. Would be better if you got a prize for finishing second and third, like the TV show.

Good but hard to break even

I really enjoy this game, but could see a few improvements. First, it’s really “expensive” to buy into games that you can’t even come close to breaking even with. I win 3 out of 4 times, yet I usually don’t clear more than a 2500 coins (for the cheapest level, it costs 5000 coins), so there’s no way I’m going to get into the levels with a buy-in of 10K or 20K, or I would only get to play 2 games a day, which isn’t much fun either. I have a hard time understanding how others can too, if I’m winning at such meager numbers. The other issue I have is that there’s not a lot of variety to the trivia subjects. It’s so heavy-handed in baseball, NCAA, mythology and classic literature. It would be fun to have some more current topics in addition to a wider variety of history. I have to say, I do love the language and cultural topics.


More enjoyable than expected.

Love this game

Fun and educational love it!


Good way to learn things

Love it

I love this jeopardy game

Great Learning Experience

I absolutely love it


Love quick play


Love this game


I watch Jeopardy every day and I find this app has potential but the categories are repeated too often. How many times must the papacy, Oman and Iran come up in game play. Also the power ups seem not to be random. I would prefer a more straight forward game without all the silly add one.

Hate this game.

Just yesterday I was happily playing Jeopardy before my stupid tablet was updated. Now I get a message saying Jeopardy HD no longer has any updates available. So I purchased this version and I hate it. I don’t want little bags of money or power ups, whatever they are. I just want to play with the entire board up like before with the contestants, etc.


This game is hard


Enough about California, Southern California and Hollywood. I take that back. WAY MORE than enough. Otherwise a fun game.

Good game

Good game, great questions and I like the set up. What I don’t like are all the “add-ons “. Very confusing. Gems, coins, lanterns etc. kind of annoying.

Good app

Good app

Great Game BUT

I have been playing for a couple of days. I have really enjoyed the game that on the first day I was willing to rate it 5 stars. However, The amount the developers charge is absurd! I honestly don’t mind paying for dollars to be able to take my turn but I refuse to pay $70 for 7k gold to then in turn make 1 purchase for 692k dollars OR $1.99 for 100 gold bars and it cant even buy you the 150 bundle for 20k cash which by the time you unlock Toronto - it’s only 1 turn! So pretty much, I’m paying $4 for 1 turn bc the $1.99 purchase can’t even buy the lowest costing cash to play that I’d have to either purchase it twice or move up to the next amount. I’ve played candy crush where paying $0.99 for 5 extra lives is doable or $4.99 for a bundle of special moves that will last you. I’ve played Bingo Bash that charges pretty high prices but the amount of chips you get back just to play turns is worth it! For example a $20 purchase can get you about 400-600 chips and each bingo game depending on what you want to gamble only costs about 35 chips IF you play the max cards. Do you see the difference? Im willing to pay $20 if i can at least get about 10-15 turns. I used to have the regular Jeopardy on my Ipad and the only time it would charge you is if you wanted different categories or questions - for example 10 different categories with 40 different questions - $5.99. I don’t understand the reasoning behind the prices because it’s unnecessary to overcharge. It’s really sad because this game has GREAT potential but waiting around every 4 hours to get 20k to play 1 turn is not my idea of fun and I’m WILLING to pay!! However, the gold bars to cash to turn ratio just doesnt add up. It’s an arm and a leg just to play which doesnt make it fun anymore. PLEASE LOWER YOUR PRICES and make it affordable - OR at least put bonus deals out there that ACTUALLY make you want to buy it and have it seem worth it even if its just a 24 hour special. The specials right now - I still wouldn’t purchase because there’s no satisfaction to the value I get vs the amount I spend. I’d hate to have to delete this game.

Decent but different answers

I really like the game however it was a bit concerning that I have the same question back to back for the answers were different every time


Really fun! But loses money way too quickly!

Great Game

Great game, a lot of fun.


Very disappointed in how ads wreck the play. Love the memory. Clues aren’t repeated. That said, ads pop up which is ok... HOWEVER after the ad, it doesn’t continue where one left off. I don’t mind ads; but after the ad finishes, the game skips to the finish- and one is not allowed to play the final round!!!!! This results in wasting my virtual money which I’ve bought the game with; and more losses in my stats than I would’ve had- than if I were allowed to play out the game.


Good stuff

It's great

Fun game


This game is beyond glad I downloaded this app.

Has potential

I have played this game until Cairo but I can’t possibly win it. On every, single game I get The Bible, Religion or Biblical People. The next category is Theatre or Playwrights and the last category is something about Shakespeare or Opera. I’m so dreadfully tired of having an entire game with those categories and they are all categories I know nothing about. I can’t play anymore. It’s not fun when it’s the same boring categories. I’m pretty sure it recognizes those are my worst categories, gives them to me, makes me lose my free money in an effort to get my actual money. No thanks.


This is a fun game but I do not like that the developer changed all the free items you can earn. There used to be many daily goals that allowed the player to earn coins or gold bars and now there is only 3. They also took away the bonus on the power ups and that was a good feature. Now I never unlock the fourth panel because the bonus is gone.

Great game

Great game to test your knowledge

Love it

Very addictive

Great game!

Play it daily.


Like all games today it’s all about money


Love this game! Addicted

An Expert ‘House’

Unlike the real game of Jeopardy where the odds are fair & clear, this version favors ‘the house’ on every spin or roll. You’ll win enough to tempt you back, but, sadly, the game is rigged.





Fun game. What’s with the basketball?

This is a fun game. My only complaint would be the overloading of sports categories. Especially basketball. Holy cow. If you’re not an obsessed sports fan, as I am not, you’ll be spending a lot of coins to change categories, with you’re fingers crossed that you won’t get a board full of college sports questions. Other than that, I’ll keep playing for a while.

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