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Thumbs up!

Great game. Just wish it didn’t cost so much to play the events and different states. Other than that, great!

Fun, but.....

Fun game but I get very annoyed with the many, constant ads that prolong the game and disrupt your concentration.

Good game but a few things

I absolutely love trivia and watch the show regularly with my wife so you can say I’m a big fan. I believe the questions are challenging and generally like the premise of the game. I do think that this game falls short of what it should and could be however. Now that I have been playing for several months I find the matchup algorithm unfair and frustrating. If you are a good player you play against people who happened to have the game of their lives and get the daily doubles on the last clues in each round. What this all adds up to is you play a perfect game 10-15 time consecutively and still cannot win. Once you win a bunch of money you get put into a bin where all you draw is scored that are impossible to beat until you lose about double what you just won. There are some great daily games and I enjoy the variety of categories. The problems with the matchup algorithm are too hard to overcome however. I have to quit as I no longer enjoy playing.


I’ve been playing this game for a while and I recently noticed that the app now directs me to sign in with Facebook. I’d be more inclined to comply with the request if I was properly incentivized. Otherwise, I’ll continue to ignore the request. If you make it mandatory, without incentives, I’ll probably just stop playing.


I paid for no ads I still get ads. Total rip off!

Winning a round

How is it possible to win the game(while spending 10k) and get only 9k back. What a load of c—p!!!

Too much bait

I like it and play it a lot , but....Don't appreciate all the hooks to get me to spend money Why aren't you answering any of the questions so we can all see the answers ? Particularly , are we playing vs bots or real players? And as you get further in ( I’m on round 30 ) it seems impossible to win without buying bars , and people beat you in final jeopardy with less money after i bet it all and got it right Bit off a scam

With a Jeopardy

When you use a Jeopardy, sometimes the wizard leaves the castle, but some other times he says “Not Enough Jeopardies, Please Insert More Jeopardie” It’s confusing to new players.

Hate it now

I’ve enjoyed the game for many months, but recently the game has been trying force me to log in via Facebook to play certain portions. I will give it one more week to correct, if not corrected I will delete it from my system.

Wrong answers

The Potato Eaters was Vincent Van gogh not Vermeer

Ploy for players to buy stuff in the store

I just noticed that the daily goal for $won goes up every day, even if I haven’t achieved the previous goal. This seems unachievable & a ploy to keep players playing by forcing them to spend $$ in the store in order to keep playing.


Been playing a couple of weeks now and there is way to many Australia questions when I spend 10 gold bars I expect new answers not the same ones worded differently

The system is trash

You never get your money back in the game. You’ll pay 5k to play and only get 2-3k for winning and You only get money back for 1st place.

I'm hooked!

Love this game! I just wish the entry fees were cheaper

Used to be better

The new ads that have just started between the first round and the second are annoying and break the rhythm of the game. Yes, they are short ads, but very distracting just the same. While I am here, I’d also like to voice my criticism of the large amount of biblical questions. I have nothing against Christianity, but I have zero interest in the Bible or its contents. In some games, two of the categories are related to the Bible or Christianity in general. I do not feel like I should have to spend gold bars to change the subject matter when this happens. I do not force my beliefs on others, and feel that everyone has the right to their own. However, more and more it seems as though Christianity is being forced on me. It’s very disappointing.

Fun game, but app is glitchy!

I’m a big trivia geek, and I watch jeopardy daily, so naturally I was going to love thisy game. While the concept of the game is fun, the app is disappointing. It’s super glitchy. It will often “choose” an answer for me before the timer runs out, essentially making me lose. Such a buzzkill.

Annoying ads that go on way too long

I don't mind ads.. But these annoying half minute ads are too much. Don't get the game unless you really enjoy ads. I would be willing to pay a couple of bucks to NOT see these ads that pop up between every round and at the end.

Passes time

I really like the concept, I just don’t like having to wait so long just to play for free

Fun and challenging

Love it, I’m a trivia geek and it challenges me..somewhat


I LOVE IT (as long as I stick to the "Los Angeles" level, where I have a fighting chance!)

Beth moran

I’m hooked Great game


The doubling your points feature of the special collections will, more often than not, lock up the game. This forced me to reboot my phone every time it occurs. Please eliminate the extra time feature.


Love it

It’s good

Fun to play


You need to make your video cash 10,000 dollars

Random opportunity

This game is frustrating because winning is not in your control. Unless you find the double jeopardy in the second round you don’t have a chance. I am always in second place because an opponent always jumps ahead with a double jeopardy at the end. It seems like you are really not in control.

Fun but Terrible categories

There are a lack of categories for questions. Where’s all the science or math questions? So many sports questions, at least balance out the categories. Plus if you win you rarely make back the money you spent to play.

Great game

I’m truly addicted!

You need to pay to win

This is set up such that unless you pay, you will rarely win. I've had numerous games in which I answered all the questions correctly, bet everything in final jeopardy, had the correct answer and the computer "guest" still wins. It can be fun, just be aware it is designed to get you to pay, so if winning is important, you'll need to pay. With that said, your options and frequency for playing are limited


I have been playing for about 3 months. Unless you are buying points you will lose.the power ups are questionable at best . 43 straight games I got extra time Which does no good everyone else I play seems to use double points all the time. I have never rolled three double points, rolled two double points once. And a single one twelve times. These numbers seem statistically impossible. I really believe the people who are buying get the advantage. Several games the opponent has more than doubled points on the final question. How is that possible? And several times the opponent has ended up with a score like 11450. How do you get 50 points when all the questions are even hundreds of dollars. I also found out there are websites that teach you how to cheat to win. If that is possible, I want nothing to do with this game. It is dishonest and nothing like the tv show. Beware playing this game if you truly enjoy fair play and the show on which it is based!! Tired of being screwed over!! Also, unless you are a sports geek, forget. Way too many sports categories about really trivial stuff. I am expecting to see Tiddlywinks Champs soon


I have a great time with it. I feel like I’m challenging Alex Trebek. Fun game.

Just short

Would give 5 stars, but if you win a game you should at least make enough to cover what you paid to play regardless of how many points you have at the end.

Testing my knowledge

Keeps me on my toes will teaching me strategy. Love the game.

Not traditional

The game is not "exactly" like Jeopardy, but how else could you play it via mobile. Having said that, I would like to further understand the points to money ratio. Even if I win, I might get less then what I paid to play. What’s the deal? Do I need to get maxed out on points and to forget the lower points questions? The game is just okay.

Love it but just got ripped off

I enjoy this app and play Jeopardy daily. This morning, I used the Bloom feature; “paid” $1.6M and won 176 blooms. Nothing happened. The double your prize feature came up, I hit it, and the game froze. I lost all that bank and got zip, nada, nothing. Can anyone reimburse my bank or assign the winnings?

Love jeopardy world tour!

Great challenging trivia!!

Quite a Challenge

This games questions are hard and tricky. And some are very easy. But this is good brain exercise. Lots of folks complain about the game; and it true what most say. However, I am getting over 3mil every 4 hours and my totals are over 4k in gold and over 750 million in cash and I haven’t spent any money doing it. True enough you must hit daily double late in double jeopardy with over 5,200 points when you hit it. Double there and double at Final and you win. So for all the complaints...if you stick with it and are pretty can succeed with this brilliant game! Good Luck!! They have tweaked the scoring so you do not always win when doubling twice from $5200. I just lost a game with $28,000. That is the highest total so far for a loss. I would say I win now about 1 in 10 games. But totals over 1 billion cash!!! Yay!!!

Love it!!

Awesome game

So darn addictive!

Love playing, keeps me on my toes

To many sport questions

I love your game but I don’t like that there are so many sports questions. I understand a few sport questions but there are some in almost every game I play, sometimes 2 categories are about sports. If I wanted to play a sports questioning game I would play one. I also wish you had a few more questions on cooking.

Could be better

I love trivia games and I’m a big Jeopardy fan. The game is fun, but disappointing. Why only 5 questions per round? If there were more categories and more questions - like the real Jeopardy - one might be able to earn more money and play longer. As it’s currently designed, it’s next to impossible to win the amount it costs to play once you get beyond L.A.


Unless you get Double Jeopardy in the Double Jeopardy round, you’re toast. Prepare for frustration. You will answer every question correctly, game after game, and still lose. And there is nothing random or lucky about it. It is rigged in literally every way.

Rapid fire

Just keeps the q’s coming! I’m still confused about the store but I’ll catch on eventually!

Fun but hard to get money

It’s fun but it’s too hard to get money. You spend 5000 only to win and get 2 grand back. Money maker for them I guess. Sad cause I would like to play it more but I guess I will delete.

Glitz and silliness

This game is so bloated with “coins” and childish distractions that it’ll send you into an epileptic seizure. Just getting into play mode is like unlocking a code. I’m willing to endure some ads (would gladly pay to not see them), but these things can force you to sit thru 30 seconds of watching some idiotic casino app no Jeopardy fan would EVER play. They’ve missed the Jeopardy demographic by miles. That said, it mildly satisfies the Jeopardy urges if only because it’s our only option.

It’s fun but they trap you by paying money to play games.

You start playing for free but after a while you have the money and then you have to start paying to play games I don’t like that. They do give you the option to watch videos but it shouldn’t be like that I’d rather just pay five or $10 fee and build the play Jeopardy and I have to pay so ever so often

Made by Canadian Devil

I could swear I had already written a review but I don’t see it anymore. This really is the definition of a “freemium”, money-grab, app. Might as well just called it the, “Terrance and Philip” game. The game is specially designed to extract as much money as possible from it’s users a little at a time. That’s why there’s the extra step to get money to play. You pay for gold, but then you have to trade the gold in for playable cash. This small extra step tricks your brain into thinking you’re not spending as much as you are. Till you get your bill. I really thought Mr. Trebeck had more integrity than this.

Great game. Too many ads.

I’ve been playing this for months. It’s my favorite pastime when I want to distract myself. The only thing I don’t like is that there are too many sports categories (in which I don’t excel). There are a lot of the same questions but that helps me out in the long run. Way too many adds I understand the need to financially support the app developers but I really need to get back to the game. Also, it would be nice if the game paired you with people in the same level as you. It’s annoying when I’m on a great winning streak and I get paired with a “master strategist” and I wind up losing. Try this game though. It’s addicting.

Great fun!

Just as good as watching the show!

Keeps closing out

Not sure why this app isn’t work anymore. I tried to download it again, but it keeps closing out. Annoyed.

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